found plastic pieces, ca. 420cmx120cm /



dried tea bags, 70cmx100cm


laundered handkerchiefs, 70cmx100cm


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cups and straws / (video 01:04min)


saved eyelashes



“I twist and turn Sven Drobnitza’s thought a little, fiddling with it. So he takes walks, he walks. That is the art. What is then the artwork? The walking is not the work. The works are more like endpoints, cessations of walking. But it is not as though the artwork  is the point of walking, the aim of a walk. Walking does not lead anywhere, it is always there, it just is.

The artwork relates to art as a dead-end street or an obstacle along the way. That is what a work is; something one has to overcome and be changed by, ever so slightly. It is with this newfound attention that walking continues, with an altered openness towards things in the world. It is to walk, to see, and to find, not knowing, just doing. This is where the art lies.“

Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen, translated from swedish by T.W.